Important information for foreign students

We are delighted that you have chosen to come and study at Singidunum University and we are here to make your stay and your studies an exciting and challenging experience. In order to provide you with necessary support with settling into our community, we have designed this page to provide you with some relevant facts and figures and guide you through your journey as a student at Singidunum University.

We invite you to make use of the information provided below and we encourage all international applicants and current students to utilize this website as a useful resource for obtaining necessary information and instruction that could enable them to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered at the University.

About Singidunum University

Singidunum University is a higher education institution that offers its students innovative study programmes and curricula, by implementing teaching methods and practices used at reputable university centres in the region and beyond. Our main goal is to enable young people to obtain experience and business skills necessary for participating in the world knowledge market on an equal footing and keeping pace with the latest tendencies and innovations in the business world.

Singidunum University currently numbers around 12 000 students enrolled in Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes. It has about 16.000 sq. meters of good quality premises, equipped with necessary state-of-the-art information technology and Internet infrastructure, audio-visual and other facilities required for successful teaching. The University disposes of 16 lecture theatres, 20 lecture rooms, 9 computer and Internet centres, foreign languages centre, library, consultations cabinet, bank, students’ café and numerous other services and facilities.

All study programmes and curricula at the University are adjusted to meet the principles of Bologna Declaration by introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The University has established fruitful cooperation with numerous higher education institutions in Europe and the USA, as well as partnership with the leading representatives of the Serbian Business Community.

Should you require some general information concerning our University, please feel free to explore/download the following document: University at a Glance.

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